Couture Africa Issue 62


The last two years have possibly been one of the most trying times for businesses. This is especially so in Kenya where the slow-down as a result of the pandemic was quickly followed by our presidential elections which we all know causes another slow-down of its own. However, it has been a great time to strategize and reboot not just business, but personal life as well. As we get back to business and life as usual – new president and all – it is my hope that you have all gotten back better. That you used the time you had to reflect on your priorities and refocus your goals. Yes, the purse strings may have gotten even tighter, but I hope your heart and soul have opened up; opened up to realise what really matters in life, opened up to your passions and opened up to your family and loved ones. As you flip through the pages of the magazine you have grown to love, I would like this to be a symbol of resilience. A message to the importance of ploughing forward and focusing on the future you can see so clearly in your mind, even when others do not see it.

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COUTURE Africa Print Magazine is a monthly African Fashion Magazine that has, over the years, become a voice for the modern woman in Africa. The woman who understands quality, appreciates value and is constantly seeking to look and feel her best on a daily basis. Get the print version of your favourite African publication – COUTURE Africa – delivered straight to your doorstep today!!!

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