Unthreading African Textiles at Eco Fashion Week

The textile industry has woven its way through history, evolving from ancient practices to the modern industry we recognize today. This event seeks to explore the rich tapestry of textiles, delving into its history, the present implications of its practices, and the future it is sewing for generations to come. A special emphasis will be placed on the significance, sustainability, and vibrational qualities of natural fibres as opposed to man-made ones. To create a platform that fosters dialogue and knowledge exchange among experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts in the textile industry have contributed to Eco Fashion Week Africa, taking place from 20th to 26th November 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya. The discourse will explore the historical, current, and future perspectives of textiles, with a keen focus on the sustainability and ethical considerations of natural versus man-made fibres.

Within Eco Fashion Week comes a unique gathering dubbed Unthreading African Textiles. A premier event that seeks to discuss the future of regenerative fashion in Africa. Taking place on 24th November at Kayana Create in Nairobi, the event is set to weave together a vibrant tapestry of knowledge, culture, and progressive practices in textile regeneration with a panel discussion and exhibition.

The panellists include:

Zara Muthama of From Nothing New, a pioneer in upcycled fashion

Eric Ndeto from Mananasi Fibre, known for their work in pineapple fibres.

Alex Musembi from Africa Collect Textiles, championing textile recycling initiatives.

Sagar Shah from Alpha Knits, leading innovations in textile manufacturing.

Michael Karanja from Green Corporation Global, a frontrunner in eco-friendly textile solutions through industrial hemp.

Lucy Rao from the Kenya Fashion Council, advocating for the growth of Kenya’s fashion industry.

Exhibitors you shall be able to engage with include:

Mananasi Fibre, showcasing their latest sustainable fibre innovations through pineapple.

Africa Collect Textiles, with their remarkable textile recycling projects.

Rethread Africa, presenting unique upcycled fashion pieces.

Tosheka Textiles, highlighting their handcrafted, sustainable fabric collections.

Green Corporation Global, demonstrating their eco-friendly textile solutions.

We look forward to listening to ideas and ideologies from industry experts as well as witness first-hand the power of regenerative textiles through the exhibition.

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