Something for Kenyan Luxury Michael Kors Consumers

I’ve always desired to experience the same convenience our fellow African countries, such as South Africa, have when it comes to luxury purchases. To walk into the mall for a pint of milk and walk out with a Dior bag as well, is some high end level of convenience. Safe to say, this sort of convenience is gradually making its way into the Nairobi malls. After been ranked as second-largest luxury market in Africa after South Africa in the Africa Wealth Report, this puts Nairobi on the same footing as Johannesburg, Cape Town and Lagos that lead in the uptake of luxury.

In malls across Nairobi, luxury shops are a handful, which is a good thing! If you choose to get lost at the Sarit Center or The Village Market, I guarantee you will end up at a luxury store you haven’t yet shopped at or like me… window shopped! Which leaves the question, who is actually buying these luxury items? Who is the average luxury buyer in the country? What do they spend their money on? And are they willing to buy locally?

The latest luxury brand to make its debut in the Kenyan market is Michael Kors through an authorized retailer, Milano Fashion Street, which opened its doors at Sarit Center on September 29. According to a representative of the luxury designer business, Kenyans now have the opportunity to purchase high-end goods without having to worry about their legitimacy and authenticity. “With the arrival of Michael Kors in Kenya, you can now purchase bags, shoes, and watches. We also have plans to introduce MK scarves, sunglasses, and perfumes. As said by Tabitha Mwende, expect the best customer service and high-quality goods. We have a problem in Africa where when a high fashion brand comes into the country it’s a knockoff, but now Kenyans can be sure to get Original quality, it’s the same quality you’ll get in Dubai, USA, and other major markets,” the statement reads.

This is definitely a good step in the right direction. A great way to attract more brands and make Nairobi a fashion hub for international brands. However a few things to note, please walk into the store prepared to spend a good sum of money seeing that all items are priced in USD. Secondly, all items are 3 or 4 seasons back…. Happy Shopping!

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