Barbie Culture! Leading Brands Go ‘Barbie’ Pink in Global Launch Campaign

For the past couple of weeks, if not months, all social media platforms went PINK. And I do mean, all. Needless to say, Barbie took over the world. The team tasked to manage the marketing components of this movie should be paid for overtime, bonuses, and tax free. Because they did an amazing job, and low key- went overboard.

With movie stars prohibited from promoting the new “Barbie” film amid the actors strike, toy company and Barbie doll-maker Mattel worked overtime to keep the movie top of mind ahead of its release. The actors strike saw over 65,000 Hollywood actors take up picket signs, bringing productions to a halt as they fight for higher pay amid inflation and a rapidly evolving entertainment industry.

Performers say the annual pay they’ve come to rely on, which is based on residuals from movie and television appearances, has plummeted in the age of streaming, making it impossible for the vast majority of actors to earn a living. According to the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), the studios — a group that includes Apple; Amazon; Netflix; NBCUniversal; Sony and Paramount, the parent company of CBS News — have refused to negotiate pay raises for performers and the sharing of streaming revenue.

Now! you may ask, how do you market a movie without using actors? Well, Mattel teamed up with various consumer brands which have formed licensing agreements with the toy maker to release limited-edition merchandise. Brands ranging from luxury apparel to fast food aren’t hesitating to paint their worlds pink to cash in on fan interest in the film.

Barbie raked in $337 million globally in the box office, the largest opening weekend of 2023 so far. But even before the numbers came in, “Barbie” was a merchandising hit, with over $150 million splurged into the marketing campaign.

We, as consumers, are never going to financially recover from this marketing brilliance! Brands from every corner of the internet seem to have launched a Barbie collab, trademarked by Mattel and available for a limited time only. And the urge to impulse buy is so overwhelming. There’s something about Barbie — the doll, the brand, the ideology — and everyone wants a piece of the action. And here are some of the brands I went crazy about.

From haute couture to fast food, Burger King, which in Brazil sold burgers with a pink-coloured sauce for a limited time.

Travel like Barbie! “The jet set life, but make it Barbie” is the vibe behind the collab between Béis, everyone’s favourite chic luggage brand, and Barbie, everyone’s favourite pint-size world traveller.

Summer’s perfect shoe teams up with Barbie. Yes, I mean crocs! The collabo features Croc charms and a range of the divisive shoes in shades of Barbie pink. Even if you’re morally opposed to Crocs, you have to admit the platform jellyMega Crush Sandal is pretty cute.

Pick up the phone… Barbie is calling! NYX beauty collab with Barbie features a lip combo, eyelashes, Barbie themed plastic phone and eyeshadow palettes, which cannot be bought separately.

Stand Tall. Stay Comfy. Stride in style and comfort with the Pillow Walk technology featured in all #BarbiexALDO footwear – a double layer of cushion comfort so you can feel as good as you look. We already told y’all. The collection of accessories, heels, and sneakers is cute, affordable, and very, very pink.

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