Itikadi X Joy Kendi

Joy Kendi, an award-winning fashion and lifestyle blogger, has collaborated with Itikadi, a contemporary fashion brand inspired by art and culture, to debut a trendy casual line. The collaboration centers on a loungewear vibe that is versatile in all ways, from an indoor chilled looks if you work from home or are having guests over to outdoor relaxed practicality.  The looks, which are focused on comfortable chic can be paired with accessories for a dressier get-up.


The new line features Kimonos, palazzo pants, sweater dresses, turtlenecks, Mulwi dresses, and shirt dresses that come in shades of greys and oranges. The prints at the bottom of the palazzos represent the African woman and depict the shades of skin and being comfortable in one own’s skin which plays into the whole laid-back element of the collection.

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