8 African Modest Fashion Brands to Watch

The world of modest fashion has been growing and evolving over the years, with more and more women embracing this look. No longer limited to a particular religion or culture, modest fashion has become a global phenomenon. Designers and brands from all over the world are now offering their own take on modest clothing and sending these looks down the runway. We are onto exciting times as we watch this trend continue to grow.

As expected, Africa is indeed leading the way when it comes to bold and creative aesthetics, and we’ve put together a list of the eight most promising modest fashion designers from across Africa for you to keep an eye on too.

1. House of Kaya [Nigeria]

House of Kaya is a Nigerian-based modest womenswear brand founded by Ibrahim Abdulmumini in 2014. Catering to the vast Northern Islamic population of Nigeria, House of Kaya creates colourful and expressive modest wear for the fashionable female client in Nigeria’s capital Abuja and beyond. Ibrahim studied fashion design in Manila, Philippines and aims for the fashion house to become a leading brand locally and internationally, and in the process, inspire Nigerian youth.

Photos: @houseofkaya_ng Instagram

2. The Infiniti Collection [South Africa]

The Infiniti Collection is a South African modest fashion brand established in 2008 by Fatima Abrahams. She was inspired by the availability of modest wear in Cairo and the limited options thereof in South Africa. The Infiniti Collection’s designs are characterised by their simplicity, elegance, and versatility. They create both capsule collections and custom-made pieces at their workshop in Cape Town, where clients can brainstorm their design preferences with the designer for a truly unique outfit.

Photos: @theinfiniticollectionsa Instagram

3. Mode.rne [Kenya]

Mode.rne is a Kenyan modest fashion brand founded by Ameena Abdul. The brand specialises in creating custom-made modest fashion for women of all backgrounds, regardless of their religious beliefs. Mode.rne’s clothing is designed to be comfortable and stylish, with a focus on modern silhouettes and high-quality fabrics. They offer a range of modest wear, including abayas, maxi dresses, skirts, and tops as well as custom-made designs for clients who want something unique and personalised.

Photos: @mode_rne Instagram

4. AmnasWardrobe [Sudan-UAE]

The founder of AmnasWardrobe, Amna Hamdto, was born and raised in Sudan before moving to the UAE. In 2018, she founded her fashion brand out of her passion for fashion and desire to share it with the world. Since then, AmnasWardrobe has become a globally recognised modest fashion brand, expanding to the Middle East and the USA. Many women choose AmnasWardrobe statement pieces to wear on special occasions as they are guaranteed to stand out in the brand’s bright, bold colours in abstract prints.

Photos: @amnawardsrobe Instagram

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5. Abaya Lagos [Nigeria]

Abaya Lagos is a Nigerian modest fashion brand that specialises in creating unique and stylish abayas, kaftans, and other modest wear for women. The brand was founded by Salihat Rahaman in 2015 and has since become a popular choice for women in Nigeria and beyond. Abaya Lagos is known for its use of vibrant colours, intricate embroidery, and unique designs that blend traditional and modern elements. The brand’s abayas are made from high-quality fabrics such as silk, chiffon, and crepe and are often embellished with beads, sequins, and embroidery.

Photos: @abaya_lagos Instagram

6. Asake Bridals [Nigeria]

Founded by Asake Oge, Asake Bridals is a Nigerian bridal brand that specialises in creating modest and elegant wedding dresses. Asake Bridals’ designs are known for their intricate details, luxurious fabrics, and elegant silhouettes. Their designs are often inspired by traditional Nigerian fashion and culture, married with contemporary wedding and bridesmaids’ dresses. In addition to bridal dresses, Asake Bridals also offers a range of accessories, including veils, headpieces, and jewellery, to complete the bride’s look.

Photos: @asakebridals Instagram

7. Gadija Khan [South Africa]

Gadija Khan is a South African fashion designer known for her contemporary designs that blend traditional elements with modern styles. She started her fashion career as a self-taught designer, creating clothing for friends and family. She later went on to study fashion design and launched her eponymous brand in 2014. Gadija Khan’s designs are characterised by their clean lines, bold prints, and bright colours. In addition to her clothing line, Gadija is also involved in various community initiatives, including providing sewing training and job opportunities for women in her local community.

Photos: @gadijakhan Instagram

8. Milasheel [Ghana]

MilaSheel, is the modest fashion brand that has taken Ghana by storm. The stunning designs, bold prints, and vibrant colours are owed to the brilliance of Shamfiz J. MilaSheel. The brand has an unwavering commitment to using only high-quality fabrics such as chiffon and silk, ensuring that its customers experience the pinnacle of comfort and style. Additionally, MilaSheel’s dedication to promoting modesty through fashion has made it the go-to brand for those who want to stay true to their values while looking fashionable.

Photos: @milasheel Instagram

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