4 Steps to The Perfect Monochromatic Look

There’s just something that feels so put together about a matching top and bottom set. Whether you’re going to brunch or going for a party, the monochrome combo will turn even the most mundane of outfits into a moment. A monochrome look Is an immaculate balance of laid-back and polished. While some trends come and go, this, is definitely a classic!

Perfecting a monochrome look is actually quite simple. Here is what to consider when wearing the monochrome look:

MAINTAIN A COLOUR TONE: Whether you choose to go for shades of blue, pink, orange or yellow in different shades, ensure the general tone is cohesive. For example, if you choose to wear warm reds, let all shades of red be warm to tie the entire look together.

KEEP IT SIMPLE: The power of a monochromatic look is in the colour itself, so resist from overcomplicating your outfit. Less is more here. Think a simple jumpsuit, clean perfect cut skirt and blouse, or trendy pants, a simple tee and blazer.

USE METALS TO ADD COLOUR: It’s quite likely your bag, hat, shoes and scarf will match your overall outfit. Break up the look with your favourite accessories – whether simple or chunky in shades of gold, silver and rose gold.

CONTRAST WITH MAKE-UP: Tempting as it may be, do not match your blue outfit with blue eyeshadow – or red dress, heels and bag with red lipstick. Use your make-up to balance the colour you are wearing. If you’ve gone for bright strong colours or go for strong metallic shades or make-up or keep it simple and nude. If your outfit is more muted, let that red lip pop!

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