Tribal Chic 2023; Celebrating Sustainable Fashion

A warm dazzling night in Nairobi gave way to an extraordinary time at The Tribe Hotel on Saturday 4th of February 2023 as the most fashionable and outstanding of Nairobi’s fashion scene gathered to celebrate the 12th annual, Tribal Chic 2023. The night was focused on show casing 11 designers with the theme “Sustainability”.

Tribal Chic 2023 Pop-Up Market

The night kicked off with an influx of guests eager to watch the show and a flow of drinks and bitings for guests to enjoy. Finally, the show begun with a bang and the hosts looked fabulous – with Angela Wambui in a glamorous green gown and Valentine Njoroge in a chic yellow jumpsuit – as they seamlessly guided us through the night.

The first brand Aulagh Nato x Poetic Trends opened with Susan Kaitanny, star of Real Housewives of Nairobi, rocking the runway like she owns it in an all black 18th century inspired gown with an exposed hoop skirt. The collection was a sophisticated mix of white jackets and free flowing dresses all in a black and white colour scheme. The signature print could not be missed on the garments accented with tulle and fringe detailing.

Aulgah Nato x Poetic trends at Tribal Chic 2023; Opened by Susan Kaitanny

Next on the runway was Mariam Couture who gave us playful patterns, comfortable silhouettes and fits, and a playful colour palette. Koki Designs then hit the runway with garments made from up cycled fabrics giving us mature silhouettes and light flowing materials in black, white and grey with hints of colour and floral patterns.

Koki Designs at Tribal Chic 2023

Studio Namnyak’s designs featuring African Lifestyle Hub was a refreshing play on masculine silhouettes on the female form with the collection featuring casual looks with sleeveless coats and unique takes on simple silhouettes with one of my personal favourites being the ruched free flowing dresses.

Studio Namnyak x African Lifestyle Hub at Tribal Chic 2023

Seamline Atelier explored and experimented on school uniforms giving us a dandy vibe with the formal suites featuring youthful and playful silhouettes, the final piece was the most unique, a menswear piece quilted from school sweaters. The two Ugandan designers of Seamline Atelier really showed how impressive and stylish garments done from up cycling school uniforms can be and the accompanying spoken word audio really transformed the presentation into an encompassing experience.

Seamline Atelier at Tribal Chic 2023

Wildlife Works then hit the stage with a collection featuring prints and textiles from across Africa, tribal make up painted on all the models as they show cased the playful coloured prints, graphic t-shirts and casual ready to wear garments. I think the addition of the feather ear accessories by Kapoeta by Ambica was a wonderful nod to birds in the wild and footwear by Enda Sportwear closed of the looks perfectly!

Then came Deepa Dosaja with her classic bright prints in silk fabrics that glistened in the light. Sophisticated pant suites and A-line dresses and coats with floral embroidery have indeed become the cornerstone of Deepa’s designs.

Deepa Dosaja at Tribal Chic 2023

Shenu Hooda and Lakira gave us delicate embroidery, dazzling sequenced crop tops and flowing skirts. The statement jewellery paired well with all the glittery garments. Katush’s designs featured dot work prints and stripped patterns in casual fits and with some leather. Sors, an Iranian brand, presented architecture inspired garments with the unique use of pleating and folding paired together with the use of vibrant pinks, blues and orange with well placed cuts revealing an alternate colour inside giving the garments a 3D effect. I must say this was one of my favourite collections to watch.

Shenu Hooda x Lakira at Tribal Chic 2023

Finally to end the show was a name we all know and recognise, veterans in the industry Kiko Romeo in concert with We Are NBO who showcased amazingly unique gold jewellery.  Kiko’s collection had a resort wear feel to it with the models gliding down the runway in orange and white or blue and white tie dyed fabrics. The cuts were elegant and the light fringe detailing added a playful touch to the collection.

Kiko Romeo x We are NBO at Tribal Chic 2023

All in all the event was a successful night of celebration and appreciating the wonderful work of the designers while encouraging sustainability in the fashion industry. Proving that it is possible to be environmentally conscious while being in the fashion industry, giving way to more environmentally friendly brands.

Scott The Violinist Entertains at Tribal Chic 2023

Missed the show? Worry not, Couture’s got you! Follow the link below to watch the Tribal Chic 2023 Catwalk videos.

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