KCB Bank Fuels the World Rally Championship Safari Rally 2023!

KCB Bank Kenya has invested a whopping KES 150 million into the 2023 World Rally Championship [WRC] Safari Rally. That’s right folks, they’re putting their money where their mouth is, showing their unwavering support for sports development and youth empowerment. Buckle up, because this is going to be one heck of a ride!

As the Official Financial Partner of the Championship, KCB Bank is making a grand statement in the motorsport world. From June 22 to 25, 2023, Nakuru County will transform into a rally frenzy, with the Safari Rally taking centre stage for the third year in a row. It’s pretty clear that they are going all out, out of the KES 150 million, 100 million will directly fuel the 2023 WRC Safari Rally event itself, while KES  17.4 million will go towards supporting local drivers including Karan Patel, Evans Kavisi and Nikil Sachania and the rest will be used for brand activations and customer engagements. Talk about giving our motorsport dreams a turbo boost!

Why should you be there? Well, besides the fact that it’s the rallying event of the decade, this is your chance to witness top-notch drivers tackle the gnarliest rally circuit on Kenyan soil. Imagine the roar of the engines, the smell of burning rubber, and the adrenaline pumping through your veins as these daredevils conquer treacherous terrains. Oh, and did we mention it’s the perfect excuse to let out your inner rally fanatic, support our local heroes and scream your lungs out in a frenzy of excitement? Trust me, folks, this rally is not to be missed and if you don’t know what to wear, don’t worry, I got you!

When it comes to dressing for the World Rally Championship Safari Rally 2023, go for comfort meets style meets a dash of rally spirit. That is, sporty attire that lets you move freely and show off your enthusiasm for motorsport. Sneakers? Check! Breathable and lightweight clothes? Double check! And don’t forget to accessorise with a cool cap or hat to shield yourself from the African sun while looking like the trendsetter you are. Oh, and a pro tip: bring some sunscreen because nobody wants to return home with a sunburn souvenir!

Lastly, keep an eye on the weather forecast and pack a light jacket or raincoat, just in case Mother Nature decides to shower the rally with a surprise or two. Now you’re ready to rock that rally fashion like a true aficionado!

Get ready for an action-packed rally experience at the Buffalo stage of the KCB Kenya National Rally Championship in Thika! The Rally Sports Club [RSC] has announced that spectators can spend the night at the Buffalo Hill, where tenting and catering services will be available at a fee. Double-bed tents can be rented for 2,500bob and food and drink will also be provided.

However, it’s important to note that COVID-19 guidelines will be strictly enforced for everyone attending the event. Spectators will only be allowed access to the Buffalo stage the day before the race to avoid traffic congestion on Sunday. Additionally, the MKU Graduation Pavilion will feature a designated viewing area for fans, where a 3.2km spectator stage will be repeated twice. The rally promises thrilling action and serves as a fantastic opportunity for sports tourism in Kenya. Don’t miss out on this exhilarating event!

The rally is not just about speed. “We are championing sustainability initiatives like tree growing, recycling and waste management in the run-up, during and after the Safari Rally,” said KCB Bank Kenya CEO Paul Russo. All WRC partners are teaming up to promote environmental sustainability. Together, they’re planting up to 400,000 trees and taking care of our precious planet. It’s like rallying and saving the world all at once!

So, my fellow speed demons and adventure junkies, mark those calendars, rev those engines, and get ready to embark on a wild ride at the World Rally Championship Safari Rally 2023. It’s going to be a rally-tastic extravaganza that will leave you breathless, speechless, and absolutely thrilled to the core.



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    This is a great article love the word play and also the fact that as a person who isn’t that much a reader I read the whole article tells me I was captivated by it .. Nice work Nzyoka

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