African Diaspora News Channel Meet & Greet

The African Diaspora News Channel is an International YouTube Based News Network whose mission is to inform, inspire, and entertain its 1.35 million subscribers with engaging discussions on current events, thought provoking topics, and controversial issues. The channel, started in 2013, has garnered over 500Million YouTube views to-date earning the African Diaspora News Channel YouTube’s Gold Play Button award.

Phil Scott Interviews CMB Prezzo

Keen on celebrating and highlighting on African Content, this November, ADNC Founder and Host Phil Scott has selected 30 lucky subscribers to experience Kenya for the first time. As they capture content for the African Diaspora News Channel, the 12-day trip shall see Phil and his guests enjoy the best of Nairobi, from its national parks and museums to its food and culture. 

The trip started with a Business Meet and Greet at Workstyle Africa, The Address, Nairobi that gave Phil and his team an opportunity to engage with media industry players, entertainers and businesspeople. 

Kellen Colleman [Colleman PR], Somoina kimonjino [HomeBoyz Radio], Phil Scott [ADNC]

Phil Scott is expanding the Africa Diaspora News Channel into the African Continent via Nairobi, Kenya because English is widely spoken. 80% of the ADNC audience are Black Americans that speak English.

“Kenya has been gracious to us in the area of business and has the means to produce our content. One of our employees alone produces 28 news reports a month right in Kenya. We also have a Kenyan editor that helps us with our platform.”

“We need to tell the story of Black people globally. Our stories are something that’s hidden. Our voice matters in the world just like everyone else voice matters,” Phil Scott.

Ebenezer Degu [WorkStyle Africa], Phil Scott [ADNC] and Olive Gachara [Couture Africa]
Claire Scott engaging with guests

This shall be the second time Phil has come to Kenya with the first trip in 2019 trip being extremely successful. He has since been inspired to start his first African branch of the African Diaspora News Chanel in Kenya as a source for collecting localised content from across the continent on a regular basis. You can view some of the content from his first trip here: KENYA

Supermodel Ajuma Nasenyana and Lisa Lokeris [Ajuma Foundation]
CMB Prezzo with Jones Ofuasia [Jofuasia Media] and friends
Workstyle Africa Team: Mary Gichuki, Peter Sidho and Grace Mulandi
Dr. Gilbert Saggia [Edge Cards] and Somoina Kimonjino [HomeBoyz Radio]
Kellen Colleman [Collemen PR], Olive Gachara [Couture Africa] and Dr. Wilmot Allen [VentureLift Africa]
Anne Mwangi [Lunna], Faith Wavinya [Edge Cards] and Faye Briggs [Lunna]

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