The First Women-Only Hotel Wing

Somewhere in the heart of Nairobi, conveniently located just outside the Central Business District lies the iconic Sarova Panafric Hotel. The hotel which opened its doors in January 1965 was inaugurated the First President of Kenya, H. E. Mzee Jomo Kenyatta and in the spirit of bringing Africans together was aptly named PanAfric Hotel. 57 years on, The Sarova Panafric stands tall and strong as one of the oldest and most recognized properties in the Kenyan Capital. They say old is gold but new is diamond, and the refurbishment of this property is an embodiment of the continuous evolution of the City of Nairobi.  


The hotel must be keen on getting its fifth’s star because it also unveiled a Women’s Only Wing! The first-of-its kind in East Africa. This special wing plays safe haven to solo-women travellers and was fittingly named after Africa’s First Female Nobel peace Prize Laureate, Wangari Maathai. The Wangari Maathai Wing comprises 6 executive rooms designed for absolute luxury and comfort, solely for lady travellers [and no, men cannot stay there – at all – seriously]. What makes it a safe haven? It is possibly the only section of a hotel in Eastern Africa that is 100% serviced by women; from the female security guard at the entrance, to housekeeping and room service – even your IT needs, will be met by an IT girl.


Exquisite niceties such as delicate petit fours, Ankara print accents, a specially tailored vanity for all your grooming needs, literature authored by strong women and a pleasant potpourri scent give each room in this wing a befitting feminine feel – that we only recently realised lacks in so many hotels across the world. All the while, no comfort has been spared – if anything, possibly added, specifically with the woman’s needs in mind. Three rooms come with interconnecting doors easily converting the individual rooms into 6 private spaces for those travelling with toddlers or the differently abled to accommodate caregivers and nannies. Custom-built to perfection, every possible utility you could imagine has been incorporated including a personal butler [or in this case butler-ette]. So no, you will not be trading down by staying in The Wangari Maathai Wing – if anything, it is probably a trade-up.


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