Kyallo Kulture: A Kenyan Reality Show Filled with Sass and Showstopper Moments!

Stream it or Skip it?

Kyallo Kulture is a Reality TV show featuring the Kyallo sisters: Betty Kyallo, Mercy Kyallo, and Gloria Kyallo. The show delves into their personal lives, highlighting various issues such as heartbreak, business, fame, family and womanhood giving us a deeper understanding of the Kyallo sisters’ lives beyond what we think we know based on social media.

It premiered on Showmax where its first season was among the 10 most watched shows on the streaming platform in 2022. Not gonna lie, I have been a fan of Betty Kyallo since she was a news anchor at KTN and when this show was announced I couldn’t wait – but nothing could have prepared me for this!

First things first, let’s talk about Betty Kyallo, the charismatic media personality who’s lived a life that would make even the Kardashians raise an eyebrow. From her rise as a news anchor to the pitfalls of a short-lived marriage, Betty’s journey has been anything but predictable. But fear not, she’s a survivor, and her resilience will make you cheer her on through every twist and turn.

Betty Kyallo

Enter Mercy Kyallo, the opinionated sister with a knack for entrepreneurship and a fashion brand that oozes style. She’s the go-getter of the trio, and her determination will inspire you to chase your dreams with unrelenting passion. Plus, her fearless attitude when dealing with trolls will leave you chanting, “You go, girl!”

Mercy Kyallo

Last but not least, we have Gloria Kyallo, the youngest sister stepping out of the shadows and into her own spotlight. Watching Gloria’s journey of self-discovery and finding her identity beyond the fame of her sisters is a relatable and heartwarming experience. Prepare for moments of vulnerability, growth, and a few tears [okay, maybe more than a few].

The trailer for this show was enthralling, so much so that I bought a Showmax subscription just so I could watch it. I was hooked from the moment I pressed play. What sets Kyallo Kulture apart from the reality TV pack is the genuine bond between the sisters. You’ll witness their unbreakable sisterhood, fierce support, and yes, even the occasional sibling rivalry. Their interactions are both heartwarming and hilarious, making you wish you were part of their family dynamic.

But don’t be fooled by their family ties; these sisters mean business! From Betty’s multiple successful ventures to Mercy’s fashion brand, and even collaborations with their sisterly shenanigans, they prove that being fabulous isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.

This show is a whirlwind of laughter, tears and jaw-dropping moments that will leave you gasping for air. Whether they’re embarking on new adventures, dealing with online trolls or spilling the tee on past relationships, the Kyallo sisters know how to keep you hooked and wanting more. I, for one, live for the ‘side-eyes’ the sisters give each other. You’ll witness their entrepreneurial journeys unfold, with all the glitz, glamour and occasional behind the scenes chaos.

Life’s too short to miss out on this Kenyan reality gem. Tune in to Kyallo Kulture on Showmax for their second season. And let the Kyallo sisters whisk you away on an adventure you won’t soon forget. Trust me, you’ll be craving more Kyallo goodness before the first episode even ends!

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