How To Add Personality To Your Work Space

Your office workspace is quite likely where you well spend over 25% of your waking life. While most offices are bland and bare, look at it as a blank canvas to bring in a touch of your personality. It will go a long way in helping you enjoy spending time at your desk.

There are many ways to decorate your workspace in order to give it a little more character based on your personal interests. Here are a few options of ways we think you can personalise your space for a more visually pleasing and aesthetic space

1. Put Up Some Art

A quick and easy way to personalise your workspace is to go out and find some artwork you like to hang up. It can be a simple line work piece or a complex vibrant portrait either way adding a piece of art brightens up your space and is a good place to start. If you feel like going the extra mile try going for 3D art pieces.

2. A Vase Goes a Long Way

It’s easy to find ones desk empty except for a computer or laptop and a few papers and pens but we think it’s time to make your desk more appealing and comfortable and that can easily be achieved by getting a vase. It adds a touch of femininity to your desk since they tend to be delicate. Get your hands on a patterned or simple vase and add flowers to them if you feel like going the extra mile as this will give your desk a touch of liveliness.

3. Bring in Some Nature

Leaning into the idea of fresh flowers, why not take it a step further. If you have a green thumb or simply an interest in gardening grab some potted plants to accessorise your space. If you are worried about the responsibility of having to water your plants start simple with a small cactus. Adding plants to your workspace gives it a more natural open feel while adding some vibrancy to your space on top of that it’s great for energy thanks to it making you feel more like you’re outdoors than in a tight indoor space.

4. Bring in a Touch of Home

If flowers and plants aren’t quite your interest you could think about using statues or framed photographs to accessorise your desk. Statues are a great way to show your love for art and culture while photographs are a nice homely touch. Framing photos of special moments with your friends or family is a great way to make your desk – which you spend most of your time at – more comfortable as you are reminded of good memories every time you look at them, just make sure to pick up a chic photo frame to ensure it goes with your office décor. While framed photos evoke a feeling of comfort artistic statues bring forth creative energy and are a great piece to add to your workspace as they add a touch of personality to an otherwise boring desk.

5. Jazz Up Your Work Accessories

Maybe you prefer to have a plain desk reserved only for work but that does not mean you cannot add some style to it. Use accessories like notepads, calendars, folders etc… to accessories your desk while helping you stay organised. Now we’re not saying grab any old folders and other accessories, make your desk more aesthetically pleasing by intentionalising your purchases and having all the pieces colour co-ordinate or if possible get yourself a cute set with a chic pattern.

These are just a few ideas on how to accessories your workspace, at the end of the day adding personality to your space is all dependent on you and what your interests are. Don’t shy away from adding art, crystals or personal items to your space as you do tend to spend most of your time there so why not make it more comfortable for you. Give it a try and let us know what your favourite way to accessorise your workspace is.

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