6 Tips on Styling Your Home Entryway

Entryways are the first pages of the story that your house would tell. It works just as hard to keep you organised and makes a first impression on those who are welcomed. This tiny space should not be overlooked. Believe it or not, it sets the decorative tone for the rest of your home. Whether it’s the first space any guest sees when they enter the house, or a circulation zone between rooms, all the entryways, hallways and landings in your home demand serious design attention. These tricks and tips will help you get the most out of a small entryway so you can extend a big welcome to your visitors.

 1. A Place To Hang Your Art

It’s easy to forget about small entryways and hallways as they are pass-throughs rather than places we spend time. It’s therefore crucial to be bold with pattern and color – something to lift the spirits when you walk in. It can also be a place to hang your art and display conversational pieces. Distract the eye and do something fun.

2. Mirror Magic

Small entryways tend to lack natural light. You can use mirrors to help bounce light from other rooms or windows. Choosing a decorative mirror will also beautify the space as its own work of art. A beautifully detailed wall of lightly antiqued mirrors can be a great way to expand a tight entryway. Hang a framed mirror so that the center is at the eye height of the average person.

3. Decor To Linger

Keep a narrow space such as an entryway away from clutter. Your space will feel spacious, lighter and more welcoming. A small, wall mounted shelf or table would work best with minimal deco pieces to give a laid back atmosphere that doesn’t overwhelm. A little floating shelf and a basket are all it takes to complete this entryway look.

4. Frame it with Photos

Make your entryway pop with a gallery wall full of pictures of your closest and dearest. They also make for a great conversation starter and keep guests lingering a little longer as opposed to just jolting into the house. Make your entryway a nice place to be, rather than somewhere to hurry through.

5. Give It Extra Purpose

Good entryway storage ideas are essential in a narrow space. This area tends to be a catch all spot for everyone’s coats, bags, shoes and keys, so be sure to find the best solution that makes the most of every available inch, be that built-in or standalone furniture. A statement console with baskets tucked under makes a surprising style statement.

6. Keep It Clean and Traditional

Traditional hallway ideas are all about balancing functionality with timeless charm. When it comes to traditional decorating, the key is longevity, so to keep the space feeling fresh and timeless across the years, consider creating a neutral foundation and investing in high quality materials and fittings.

7. Don’t Forget the Outside

As you take the time to up-style your entryway, do not forget to consider unique elements to add outside your door. This could be a lovely potted plant and quirky door mat, a shoe rack, an umbrella holder, wind chimes or simply an amazing chandelier. Whatever suits your style, ensure there is a correlation between the inside and the outside as well.

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