The Reverse Cut Crease Is A Make-up Trend You Need To Try

Not sure what a cut crease is? It’s all about putting your eye crease centre stage and accentuating it with eyeshadow. The 60’s eyeliner trend is making a comeback, so ditch your regular eyeliner skills. This eye make-up technique is dominating social media platforms and local make-up artist, Stephani Cherono has us on serious FOMO.

The cut crease eye make-up is a technique that defines the crease of your upper eyelid by cutting across it with a defined colour and little to no blending. The reverse cut crease elevates the eyes and adds instant drama to your look so be aware that your lip and face make-up should be subtle.

This eye enhancing trick is quite tricky to master and once you do, you can alternate between a soft or dramatic approach depending on what you want to achieve or your mood. The one basic tip is to focus the intensity on the outer corner of the eye.

Get The Look

Step 1: Apply your normal eyeliner by drawing a thin line as close to your lash line as possible with your favourite liquid liner or khol eye pencil.

Step 2: Define your eye crease by applying your preferred khol eyeliner shade from the outer edge of your lash line, stopping mid-eye. Then blend the line into the inner edge of your eye with an eyeshadow brush.

Step 3: Create highlights by applying a lighter-coloured eyeshadow to the highest part of your brows and the inner corners of your eyes.

Step 4: Play with colours and create accents just above the blended area and along your lower lash line using a colourful eyeshadow.

Step 5: Intensify your eyeliner by applying a black eyeshadow with a precision brush. Then create a smokey look on your eyelid and in your eye crease using an eyebrow brush.

Ste 6: Create contrasts by applying a light eyeshadow to your lids, using some glitter to add a little shimmer.

Step 7: To fully enhance your eyes, apply mascara to your upper and lower lash line. Make sure to separate your individual lashes by using your brush in a zig-zag motion.

Step 8: [Optional] Make your look bolder by applying a bright coloured eyeliner at the top of your eyelid and directly to your water line.

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