7 Makeup Trends to Try this Holiday

It’s the last few weeks of the year, and that comes with lots of parties, events and celebrations that you need to look stunning for. Here are some makeup trends to try this holiday to ensure you’re turning heads all season long!

1. Bold Eye Colour

 Whether it’s a bold eyeliner or bold shadow, any strong colour-popping eye look is in. Make a statement this holiday with blue, green, or pink eyeshadow and if eyeshadow isn’t your cup of tea, try out a graphic eyeliner look in a bright colour of your choice.

2. Lip Gloss

Much like the way Y2K is trending so is one of the best parts of it, I’m talking about, glossed lips. It’s an easy simple way to get your lips popping for a night or day out. Grab your lip gloss and lusciously apply it when heading to your next event while you jam to Lil Mama’s song Lip Gloss.

3. A Classic Red Lip

A red lip much like a black dress is a classic and you cannot go wrong this holiday with a sexy bold red lip.

4. Blush, Blush, Blush

It looks like a lot of blush is in this season! Give yourself a summer sun kissed glow, pack on the blush and go for a rosy complexion or get creative with shapes brushed in. Simple or bold, you cannot miss a look to have fun in when using blush.

5. Gems, Pearls and Stickies

If you’re not afraid to stand out this holiday this is a look for you. Grab a pack of gems or pearl stickers and have fun adding them to your eye make-up for a bold look that expresses your creativity and holiday cheer for everyone to see.

6. The Siren Eye

Similar to the cat eye the siren varies in that it is curved at the end. The eye look creates a sultry look to the wearer. Siren eye’s rose in popularity this year from the Tik-Tok trend “Siren eyes vs. Doe eyes”. You can find many YouTube and Tik-Tok tutorials on how to get this sexy look this holiday. You can also pear it with a glossy lip for an easy everyday look that makes you pop.

7. Cream Sticks

A Trend I for one am eager lean into is cream sticks. It comes at a time when make-up brands are trying to offer multipurpose make-up options. The cream stick comes in various options; blush sticks, foundation sticks, bronzer sticks, highlighter sticks, you name it there’s probably a stick for it.

What make-up trend are you leaning to this holiday?

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